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Dallas Home Renovations works with a number of trusted and affordable architects to help bring your plans to realization.Selecting which provements to do to a home is always a delicate decision. You can’t afford to do improvements if the home value isn’t going to increase. That’s where working with Dallas Home Renovations experts is there to make sure you are 100% satisfied with our work. We at DHR are always working with the client to chieve their dream home, but at the same time keeping in mind the re-sale desires of home buyers. One of the major factors for a potential buyer is the painting & texturing. If they are updated and well kept, it gives a great impression Whether you’re painting a bathroom or an entire home, let our DHR professional painting staff help you with all the details. We are expert painters with over 10 years in the painting and texturing business in the DFW area. We understand the hassles homeowners go through when having the interior of their home painted. At Dallas Home Renovations we strive to do the job quickly — with minimal disruption to your daily lifestyle — and DHR will deliver a high-quality finished product that gives the inside of your home a beautiful new look. We can perform traditional painting, faux finishes, and we have trusted contacts for mural wall painting.

When it comes to interior painting, DHR’s number one goal is to be as convenient and unobtrusive as possible. Dallas Home Renovations will not come in and have your entire home turned upside-down for the duration of the project. At the beginning DHR will concentrate on finishing the main living quarters, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, so we can get your family back to normalcy as soon as possible.

Dallas Home Renovations and Richard will then focus in on the areas that are of least importance to daily life such as foyers, formal living rooms, loft and game rooms. We also specialize in EXTERIOR painting too.

The first step for EXTERIOR painting in surface preparation is the power washing of your home. It is very important that the surface is properly clean to assure adhesion. During the power washing procedure, we apply a light bleach solution to assure that any mold or mildew that may be on your home is removed. The solution is regulated by the power washer so it is environmentally safe. It will not do any damage to the surrounding areas. Scraping and Sanding: Stage two in the surface preparation is the scraping and sanding of any loose paint. We first scrape away any peeling paint.

The most important part of your exterior painting project is the surface preparation. You may use the most expensive, durable paints in the industry to cover your home, however if the house is not properly prepped before painting, within a year you could start to see signs of deterioration. DHR’s commitment to you is that every necessary application of surface preparation will be addressed before starting. The next stage of the process is to prime all the bare wood. An oil base primer will be applied to all areas where bare wood is exposed. Primer is applied only after all loose peeling paint has been removed; It is important that an oil base primer is used and not a latex. Oil base primers are designed to penetrate the wood and seal it. Whereas a latex primer only sits on the surface and does not properly seal the wood.

The final stage in the surface preparation is the caulking and sealing of any gaps and holes in the exterior surface. This is important to assure that moisture does not penetrate the surface of your home and will prevent any future rotting of wood and paint deterioration. DHR will even go the extra mile and inspect all your non painted windows to assure any current caulking applications are up to specification. Dallas Home Renovations is your source for home remodeling in the DFW area.

Drywall/Painting - Dallas Home Renovations - Carrollton TX

As the heart and soul of your home, we at DHR place special importance on all of our home remodels. We know that this is where your family and friends are sure to create a lifetime of memories. Whether your home need a minor update or a major transformation, Dallas Home Renovations has you covered every step of the way. Utilizing only the best suppliers and some of the most skilled craftsman in the city, we work with you each step of the way to help make your dream a reality. We are committed to making the home remodeling process easy, fun, and engaging. Dallas Home Renovations been serving the DFW area for over 10 years so you can rest assured that you have chosen a team that will surpass your expectations. You can also count on the fact that we will be there from the design stage to the finish. Hundreds of customers & projects have established our reputation as the place to go for home improvements in the Dallas area.We are a dynamic remodeling company that helps Dallas area residents realize their dream home at an affordable price. Whether your dream is traditional or modern, our team is here to meet and exceed your highest expectations.

Painting, Texturing, & Faux Finishes

Dallas Home Renovations is a home remodeling company that specializes in additions, kitchens, bathrooms, tiling and counter tops, room additions, and roofing. We know that in remodeling your home, we are helping you in a very important change in your life. Therefore, our sole focus at DHR is to work with you and be there for you throughout the whole process. From day one, we emphasis our personal attention to you to ensure that all of your options are 100% clear, that you are completely knowledgeable about the process, that all of your questions are answered, and that every potential bit of stress that may come from remodeling your home is relieved. Dallas Home Renovations will be by your side until you are satisfied with every detail and every element of your remodeling job. If you want to change the whole face of your home, we are here to help. Even if you just want to change the color, or paint the trim of your home. We have the right people for every job.

Drywall/Painting - Dallas Home Renovations - Carrollton TX

Drywall/Painting - Dallas Home Renovations - Carrollton TX

Creating a Unique Look to your Home
The DHR idea behind faux painting is that we use paint in a unique way to complement the surface it is being applied to in order to achieve effects that can look like suede, wood grain or even concrete. The French word “faux” simply means “false” — we’re merely using skill and materials to create an effect on your walls that is entirely false but that is clever and creative enough to fool the human eye. Many of our clients simply want a traditional paint job with the smoothest possible finish, and zero blemishes or other colors showing through the topcoat. Faux painting goes against that concept by relying on using multiple colors and textures on surfaces to achieve amazing effects that only faux techniques can deliver. At Dallas Home Renovations, we have the skilled crews to handle this type faux finishes.

We appreciate the opportunity to work with you on your home remodeling project and invite you to fill out our contact form or call us at (214) 725-0669 for a free quote and consultation.