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A good roof is one of the most essential elements of a secure home. Do you have a leak? Are shingles or tile pieces missing or out of alignment? Are there stains on the ceiling of your home, or on the rafters in Modern roofs are made to last between ten and twenty years. Texas weather and severe heat can shorten the life of a roof. Also damage from falling limbs and falling trees can shorten the life of a roof. If your roof is leaking, sagging, or you have shingles falling off it may be time to consider a new roof.

Dallas Home Renovations is a home remodeling company that specializes in additions, kitchens, bathrooms, tiling and counter tops, room additions, and roofing. We know that in remodeling your home, we are helping you in a very important change in your life. Therefore, our sole focus at DHR is to work with you and be there for you throughout the whole process. From day one, we emphasis our personal attention to you to ensure that all of your options are 100% clear, that you are completely knowledgable about the process, that all of your questions are answered, and that every potential bit of stress that may come from remodeling your home is relieved. Dallas Home Renovations will be by your side until you are satisfied with every detail and every element of your remodeling job.
Roofing - Dallas Home Renovations -Carrollton TX
Dallas Home Renovations offers free estimates for all roofing jobs. Our estimators can determine whether you need a new roof or just a simple roof repair. Purchasing a new roof is one of the most important decisions you will make for your home. You need protection, performance, energy efficiency beauty and a solid warranty. Dallas Home Renovations can install any roof, shingle, metal, and asphalt with experienced, professional, fast, and reliable installers. Dallas Home Renovations is trusted roofing and home remodeling companies in the Dallas area, giving you a roof that will last for years, protected with a warranty.

Selecting which improvements to do to a home is always a delicate decision. You can’t afford to do improvements if the home value isn’t going to increase. That’s where working with Dallas Home Renovations experts is there to make sure you are 100% satisfied with our work. We at DHR are always working with the client to achieve their dream home, but at the same time keeping in mind the re-sale desires of home buyers. One of the major factors for a potential buyer is the roofing. If they are updated and well kept, it gives a great impression.

Roofing - Dallas Home Renovations -Carrollton TX

Roofing Specialist
Do you need a new roof? Is your old roof ready to be replaced? Do you need your roof repaired? Don’t look any further. Dallas Home Renovations has been replacing roofs in the Dallas area for over 10 years. We have since installed thousands of roofs for many of our customers in the DFW area. Dallas Home Renovations uses professional labor and skilled roofers. We use only the highest quality roofing materials. DHR is dedicated to giving customers a top quality roof installation that lasts for years and looks great. Over a quarter of energy loss occurs through your roof. Ever consider having it restored? DHR roofing experts know exactly what you need. Dallas Home Renovations been serving the DFW area for over 10 years so you can rest assured that you have chosen a team that will surpass your expectations. You can also count on the fact that we will be there from the design stage to the finish. Hundreds of customers & projects have established our reputation as the place to go for home improvements in the Dallas area.

Dallas Home Renovations is fully bonded and insured to bring your project plans to life. Just Contact Richard Lovett for a free estimation. call us at (214) 725-0669.